Uninstall lightburn/LCD screen issue

Machine: Omtech 40w

Board: Cohesion3d board

Firmware: Smoothie

Problem/ Question: Trying to uninstall Lightburn to be able to start over. After uninstall, there is no folder on C: drive and yet each time I reinstall lightburn, it already has previous settings. Where else should I be looking?

Also, my LCD screen works 75% of the time. Bought with cohesion3d board. When it’s not working correctly it looks like a screen from the Matrix movies or worse.



The wording is unclear, but it sounds like you want to wipe your LB settings to start from scratch, for unspecified reasons? Ok :slight_smile:

Click that, close LB, delete or rename the prefs.ini file, open LB again. That’ll start you from scratch.

Covered here. Short story: K40’s are shit (story of my life).

And per your email, the camera that we sell is the 5mp-140 degree.

Thanks. I did a search on C: drive for all things lightburn and found the settings folder in the user/appdata area. Renamed folder and was able to fresh install LB. I will check grounding of cohesion board re LCD. Thanks for camera specs.

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