TS 4060 chinese co2 laser cutter 80w

(Ray Webster) #21


Here is the wire coming out of my tube

this wire goes along the back of the machine, and into the case on the side where the power supply etc. is. Cut the wire anywhere, I am going to be doing it after it enters the case. Attach a wire to each side of the newly cut wire, and run the new wires to your Ma meter. Set your power lever to 5% and hit the test button. Check that the Ma meter moves in the correct direction. The reason for setting the power lower is, if the meter goes in the wrong direction it could damage the meter if you have at a high current. If the meter does go in the wrong direction simply reverse the wires on the back of the meter.

(Ray Webster) #22

I wired up my Ma meter today, just wired as I stated above, and it works great. It is NOT however that third black wire as I first thought. Just follow the wire from the tube…

(Christophe Dekeyser) #23

Thank you Ray for the help, I will do it like you explained.

(Ray Webster) #24

so how did it work out for you??

(Christophe Dekeyser) #25

Hello Ray,

It works fine, I connectted the cable from the ma-meter to the blue cable behind the power supply, and it works great.