TS 4060 chinese co2 laser cutter 80w

(Christophe Dekeyser) #1

I bought a co2 laser cutter from china TS4060 80w, but can I replmace the original panel with the lcd from c3d? I there anyone that has a design for the panel lbrn, dxf or svg format?

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(Starla Fox) #2

There are some variations of control panel mods on Thingiverse which could be edited to fit your needs: https://www.thingiverse.com/search?q=k40+control+panel

(Ray Webster) #3

What are you looking for in a panel ? I have started making a panel for my TS 4060. I have not finished it yet. It has a amp meter, a water flow meter as well as water temp meter, the GLCD, the laser controls from that came with the machine, a switch to move the bed up and down, and one to turn on the pointer.
It will mean cutting quite a bit of metal out of the machine to fit it all in. I have cut the new panel, but am in the middle of a large production run, and have not finished it yet.
This is what my machine came with for controls. (plus an emergency stop and switch to raise the bed in a different location)

the is the new panel over it to show size

new panel front and back

I can’t figure out how to post the dxf, but your welcome to them if someone can tell me how.


Use dropbox or google drive and post the share link here.

(Christophe Dekeyser) #5

That looks fine Ray, I will use the lcd, the power button and I will place a amp meter, but if it fits for you and you can send and plan in dxf, than I can change some items.

(Ray Webster) #6

see if this works


(Christophe Dekeyser) #7

Thank you very much Ray

(Christophe Dekeyser) #8

Hello Ray,

I don’t have a K40 but A TS4060 and I can’t find a L on the power suply, where can I connect the minus cable for the ma-meter?
And I am not satisfied with my cohesion laserboard and the old controlpanel and the new lcd panel from cohesion3d, and the settings in Lightburn don’t communicate with the machine only the old panel communicates with it, do i something wrong?

(Ray Webster) #9

I also have the TS 4060, not a K40.
However, I have still not had time to move forward on my new panel. I hope someone else will help you with this.


(Christophe Dekeyser) #10

Hello Ray,

I have something strange, when I engrave a picture then the machine has some outsprings of 5mm blocks in line to the left or the right, do you know what this could be?

(Ray Webster) #11

Please post a pic, but I think this is the same thing I had. In my case the image was shifted to the left or right, like the laser head stalled when trying to move. I lowered the acceleration and it fixed my issue.

(Christophe Dekeyser) #12

That’s the issue from me too Ray, but how can I change the acceleration?

(Christophe Dekeyser) #13

You are so helpfull for me Ray, thank you very much.

(Ray Webster) #14

Yes, this is the same issue I was having. When I get home from work tonight, I will send a link to my config file. As we have the same machine, this “should” work for you.

(Ray Webster) #15


here is the link to my Config file. Since we have the same machine, this should work for you. Notable changes are

  1. increased amperage available to the motors
  2. speed of motors changed
  3. slower homing speed to avoid slamming into end stops
  4. slower acceleration speeds.


Let me know…

(Christophe Dekeyser) #16

Thank you very much Ray, you helped me very well, it seems it works great, head not smaching anymore against the left back and the speed is also better now, tomorrow I gonna test to engrave a photo, than I let you know the result from that.

(Ray Webster) #17

awesome… look forward to it.

(Christophe Dekeyser) #18

Hello Ray, seems that the settings are working great!!! Only problem is the ma-meter when you used the black third cabel than it must be the right one because you connected it also in the front connector.

(Ray Webster) #19

Sorry Christophe,

Trying to follow what you are saying, but don’t quite understand

(Christophe Dekeyser) #20

Hello Ray, sorry for my bad english, but I will connect the ma-meter and doesn’t know how to do it, all the cables walk over from green to blue or blue to black it is a mess for me, please can you help me further where I must connect the cables to let the ma-meter work?