Trying to purchase lasercontroller

Been trying buy the laserboard after about 6 attempts getting internal server error i just gave and posted here to see if any can help

did you eventually get your order to go through? or is the website payment gateway just outright down…?

Still not getting it paid internal server errors are hard to track down but will still keep trying

I’m getting the same issues - internal server error; at one point it gave me the errors that there weren’t enough LCD screens in stock, but then just back to the internal server error.

As a note - if you’re looking at something on the backend, orders #48190 through #48196 are all me, testing if different combinations were the issue - nothing seemed to change. I’m not planning to buy 7 boards :smiley:

Hi there,

It looks like we had issues with our credit card processor integration on the store for a few days, but it should be fixed now - can please try again?

Just to add on to this, the scenario I was able to replicate was that I tried to place a test order using the Square credit card processing method, and I hit Submit and it just wouldn’t do anything. On the backend, I saw an order pending payment which is what we’ve seen for a number of other people this week. I was able to fix that and place another, this time successful, order on the site. So hopefully this is fixed. But I didn’t get any critical errors on the frontend (I do see those in the logs though). If you still have issues please let me know what you are experiencing.


I put an order in, its going to “shipito” an American mail forwarding service to get it to Australia, went through successfully this time

So i tried to order again and now i am getting this error
An error occurred, please try again or try an alternate form of payment.

Success at last the problem was my billing address was not recognised by my card provider

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