Trying to buy in australia

Hey guys I’m trying to place an order in Australia, searched the forum and found a couple of guys here getting the same issue as me. “No shopping options available”

Can we get an update? I want to purchase one cheers.

@loather were you able to get any information from the c3d guys on this? I saw in another post you were looking into it but the thread is now closed.


Tagging @Cohesion3D here too as there are two other customers looking for answers and no responses from any official sources?

Can we get some love in Australia :slight_smile: trying to buy stiff here lol…

@Cohesion3D I can’t even check out on the site using a mail forwarding service… I’m assuming it’s becusse my bank card is Australian and the delivery address is United States…

Can we please sort this out asap, I want to buy one of these while they are in stock……


@Cohesion3D hi there, i’ve noticed in “My Orders” area that the order i attempted to place has been cancelled? can you sort out an option so we can buy this thing in Australia? I don’t even care how much it costs I’m trying to use a shipping forwarder why cant I just buy it and have them deal with the shipping?

what’s the actual problem here?

@Cohesion3D still trying to checkout, any updates? I got your email yesterday saying you’d look into Australian shopping options but still can’t checkout even to a us mail forwarding service.

Hi there,

I’ve just replied to another customer:

It looks like we had issues with our credit card processor integration on the store for a few days, but it should be fixed now - can please try again?

The shipping to Australia situation is more complicated, as there are areas that can and cannot be shipped to, and the it’s just expensive all around, but the payments issue in general should be fixed now.


I’m not really sure about the whole “complicated to ship to australia thing”? (that said i don’t live in American and try to ship here) but i have packages shipped here from all over the world, its expensive but we pay what we have to pay for postage… please just offer usps or something?

Anyway, i was able to put an order in its going to “shipito” a mail forwarding service who will get it here for an exorbitant fee, please pack it extra safe since its going to be shipped twice :smile: thanks.

@Cohesion3D you really need to offer a direct australian shipping option, how bad can it be to just give it to ups and let us pay $50-80usd?

For any Australians out there looking to buy a laserboard with a forwarding service, mine just arrived at “shipitto” here’s a rough estimate to get it to Australia.

Package Procesing Fee: $3.25 usd.
Shipping: $26.05 usd
Insurance: $8 usd

Then! the kicker, they make you pay GST on the declared value so I declared mine correctly and legally at about $400usd (got a few upgrades, camera etc)
AU GST On goods $43.50usd.
AU GST on services $3.41usd

Ironically ‘au gst’ is charged in USD, sounds more like a scam to me but anyway.

Total cost $84.21usd (which was about $115 aud)

Re the US site Shipito, “Create an Account”, I thought the problem was with my domain based email account.
So i have created new account, and re-entered the info the “Create an Account”
The “Create Account” button takes me no-where, ie not active, same with the Sign Up With Facebook.
Can i mobile you ?

sorry mate, I doubt I’d be much help I don’t run that site, im not affiliated with them in any way or have any way to contact them beside their own contact forms…

I’d suggest try clearing your browser cache, contact them on twitter? or email their support.

I had no issues registering, and I’ve just got my notice from auspost that its on the way still hasnt arrived (would have been a hell of a lot faster and easier @Cohesion3D if you just shipped to us instead of making these poor people jump through hoops)


Just wanted to let you all know, it arrived today. Shipitto was legit, everything was in good condition.

It was as plug and play as advertised and I’m very happy with how my k40s functioning now.

Plenty of upgrades left to do but this is a huge start.

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