Tranferring files from a Win7 Desktop to Win10 Laptop- software?

Hello everyone! I have a K40, ordered the Cohesion board(not yet installed) I will be doing 99% of my ‘work’ on my desktop that runs Windows 7, and running Lightburn. I will be transferring any files to a laptop that’s running Windows 10 with Lightburn, it’s older and a bit slow so basically I’m using it like a USB. What will I need for the desktop to make this all work? Thank you for your help, looking forward to learn.

Hi Julie,

Below are a couple of easy options for getting your files from one PC to another:

  1. Save your work from your desktop onto a USB flash drive and import them onto the laptop when you’re ready to send to the laser via LightBurn
  2. If you have a LAN set up, you can file share/transfer from one computer to another over the network. Ensure the folder and files you will be working with have sharing enabled.

If you ever plan to run the laser from your Windows 7 PC, make sure you have the proper drivers installed (this is not necessary for Windows 10): Installing Smoothie Drivers (and knowing whether you need to)

Thank you Starla so much for replying. I appreciate you! Thanks for the advice, Win10 and Win7 don’t like to play well together- who knew? I’ll probably wind up doing that.

Have the best day ever.
J :slight_smile:

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