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(Anthony Bolgar) #2

I turned my honeycomb bed into a pin bed by inserting rivets into the bed. Really improved the finish on all my projects, it allows the smoke to be evacuated from under the work piece, and eliminates 90-95% of the flashback marks from the beam reflecting off the honeycomb.


Pics please!! will like to see that!!

(Anthony Bolgar) #4

(Jamie Richards) #5

Was the honeycomb staining that bad? I always thought they were the way to go, but I’ve never used one. Glad I didn’t buy one now, and I just love those punk rock studs!

(Anthony Bolgar) #6

I am overdue for an oven cleaner trip for the honeycomb.

(Jamie Richards) #7

Just like “Easy Off” or is generic good enough? I haven’t had to clean mine yet, but probably won’t be much longer.

(Anthony Bolgar) #8

Generic is what I use.

(Starla Fox) #9

I like the concept of this mod! Do you typically burn at the same focal length/same material? I’ve been using magnets that I can move around on the bed for odd shaped items and add/remove 1mm height as needed. For bigger items, I take the honeycomb out and use a grill plate. Magnets

(Anthony Bolgar) #10

Yes, I am usually doing 3mm MDF or 4.5mm plywood.

(Cliff Bryans) #11

Great idea.:+1: Will have to try this on our makerspace laser until I get mine going.

(Jamie Richards) #12

My bed has a carbon steel perforated sheet with punk rock spikes. Having this setup has pretty much eliminated the problems I had with flashback and all the other problems associated with laying the material on a flat surface!