This is my failed controller board and surounding. Looking to upgrade to The cohesion board

Thanks in advance for any help given.
I think my controller crapped out on me, that is provided the water flow sensor is working. It seems to be the only thing left to question. I’m looking for someone that knows or recognizes the power supply and can help tell me which wires are for the water sensor. I feel it’s the third and fourth terminals. There are multiple wires in each. The hood switch is one of them. I have tried using a dvom to read Ohms and volts but without an electrical diagram I am unsure. I just had a thought. If the wires going into terminal 3 and 4 are the protection circuits could I just unplug one of the two and see if it fires that way? The laser fires when I hit the test switch on the power supply. Just not through the software or the test buttons on the front of the machine.

I want to upgrade but I’m worried about the ribbon cable. I’m hoping that someone recognizes this board and can identify it. What do you think the chances are that it’s a direct plug and play with the ribbon cable on the new board?

My other question is. About how long does it take to get the boards back in stock? With the way things are in the world, I would not doubt weeks or months. I also see that the camera was “back in stock” do I need to worry about the camera being sold out before the board is available?
Thanks for your time. With any luck I can get this back up and working soon.

What software do (did) you use to control this thing before it went tits-up? That looks suspiciously like a very old Moshiboard. If this is true, your conversion might end up being fairly straightforward.

As far as the water protect and lid sensors go, on most LPSUs they’re wired in series between the WP and GND terminals. (that is, WP -> lid sensor -> water sensor -> GND or similar - this allows for an open circuit in any one sensor to halt laser operation).

I admittedly haven’t seen an LPSU in your particular configuration before. Some judicious wire tracing may be necessary to get the full picture of what’s going on here.

How do you control the power level on your laser?

I use newlydraw is the software I use. And the power of the laser is controlled in the software. I also have a switch I can flip which allows for manual adjustment by a rotary dial on the control panel.

As far as the switch goes I checked the lid switch with a multimeter it opens the circuit when the lid is opened. So I think it should be open rather than closed. But I’ll keep working on it.

Thanks for the help

Hi, Ron… Welcome to the forum!

What else can you tell us about this laser… How many watts is it? How large is it? Can we get some photos of the machine itself, the control panel, etc?

I haven’t been able to match that control board yet… I don’t see any name or markings on it. I do see that there’s a Y motor cable, and the X motor socket appears to be empty, so I’d guess the ribbon cable is probably for the X motor as well as the endstops, since I don’t see those anywhere else on the board. If I am correct, the connectors appear very similar to a K40, which would be good. (Again, this is just a best guess based on what I can see in the photos.) You may need to do some investigative work to figure out exactly what is what, trace some wires, etc.

As far as availability for the LaserBoard, Ray just posted this today:

LaserBoard: We just ran out on Thursday, and hopefully the next batch arrives Monday.

Best case you’ll be able to place an order by next week. That gives you a few days to dig in and find out more about the wiring and where everything goes. :slight_smile:

And if you post a few more photos that might help us learn more about your machine.

I do want to thank you both for trying to help! Thats great to hear about the board. I would order now if I could. I also want the camera to go with it. I want the DSP to use it with Light Burn correct? What purpose does the LCD and SD card slot serve? Is it to print right from the card like my 3d printer? Also I read about the update to the smoothie drivers. will that be preinstalled on the new boards?

As far as the machine Ive been digging for days trying to find out more information. I’m not sure where else to look. here are the specs’ I was able to find this. I actually seem that that its listed as a 40watt but the identification on the tube itself says 50watt.

Here are pictures of the body and control panel.


MORE IN NEXT POST Pictures are limited to 4

Here are the pictures of the inside of the case, control side.

MORE IN NEXT POST Pictures are limited to 4

Thank you again for all the help. I’ve been digging for days when i can. This is about all ive found. I also reached out to Artsign several times over the last couple of months but no reply I thing they no longer exist. I have also went out to the web site on the power supply. they are still there but no longer list this power supply. I would need to email them. I will keep looking but I’m not sure where else to look. I will answer any questions I can. I really appreciate the help.

I decided to look for boards that were locked to NewlydrawI. I found this. It looks to be an active site. I have emailed them asking is there is a way I could get the wiring diagram for the board. We will see. I haven’t had much luck getting the overseas manufacturers to communicate.

wrong last post on facebook was 4\19

The LaserBoard works with LightBurn, and you can get a license from Cohesion3D when purchasing the LaserBoard.

The SD card on the LaserBoard holds the firmware and configuration file needed to operate. You can also put g-code files on the SD card and run them from there. (The SD card slot on the back of the GLCD is not used.)

The GLCD allows you to run jobs and control the laser without a computer connected. (The GLCD is not required, but is a nice add-on.)

We have an updated version of Smoothie called Cluster which will come pre-installed on the LaserBoard’s SD card.

As far as drivers for your computer, if you are running a version of Windows older than Windows 10, you can find drivers here:

There’s a lot of great info in our Buyers Guide, so if you have more questions, there’s a good chance they are already answered there. :slight_smile:

Looking at the photos it appears there is an external Leadshine M542-05 stepper driver used for the Z table. The LaserBoard will support this, and it should just be a matter of wiring the driver into the LaserBoard.

The LaserBoard will come with its own power supply to power the board and will typically power smaller steppers, though larger steppers will require external stepper drivers (like you appear to have for your Z table.)

One of the photos shows two power supplies. It looks like the second power supply is used for the external stepper driver. It would be worth figuring out what else it is powering.

Your existing LPSU (laser power supply unit) will be used to control the firing of the laser, by connecting the L (Laser Fire) and G (Ground) wires from the LPSU to the LaserBoard. We can see JNMYDY on it. That might help identify things, though tracing all the wires might be easier.

Our LPSU guide might be useful, at least so you can see how wiring for other LPSUs work.

I’m not yet sure what the green PCB with the pair of relays, trim pots, and 555 timers is… If you can figure out where those wires go it would be helpful.

Okay, I hope this was helpful. I have not seen one of these machines before, but think we can get it figured out eventually.

Let’s simplify this a lot:

This is the old Newlydraw board, meaning that your machine might be quite a few years old. Tubes degas, and the old laser power supply might not be able to handle pwm as well as newer ones.
This means:

  • If your machine “works” right now (meaning you can test fire the laser at a certain power level) then it should continue to do so with the new board.
  • However, you may not be able to realize power control or fine details as the tube/ lpsu cannot handle it. It would be good to be prepared to replace those items anyways, should the situation demand it.

Our documentation is located here:

I would recommend reading it, starting with the main one:

Your wiring appears to have the ribbon cable and Y motor of the typical K40, a power cable we will not need, and a separate cable that tells the LPSU to fire the laser.

Pete linked you the LPSU connection guide, you’ll have to deal with figuring out the correct wiring to hook up the LPSU to the board so that it can command the laser to fire.

Pete also linked the Buyer’s Guide, and that will explain a lot of things and answer some of your questions - like which version of LightBurn is needed for the LaserBoard and which peripherals you may benefit from.

Pete also identified you have an external driver running your Z and you have up down buttons on the front panel. @raster It would make sense that this is what the 555 board is driving - stepper drivers need timing signals. Rob, you could have the LaserBoard drive this for you - you would need our external stepper driver cables to hook up to the external driver, and some mechanical limit switches

You’ve done a thorough job of researching the history of your machine, now please transition that effort into reviewing our documentation and resources to make an informed purchasing decision.

LaserBoards are getting restocked later today, and screens + current meters are in transit and should be here in another day or two unless something else goes wrong.

I’d recommend taking some time to review all this info we have given you and come up with a plan of attack. Post back here with what your goals are (from what we have discussed above, such as whether you want to recontrol the Z table or not) and what parts you intend to purchase so that we can review, and you can place your order once everything we sell is back in stock in the coming days.

I’ll dig in as soon as I have a board in hand. I’m going to get the camera and software also. Might as well make life easier if we can. I have to say about the laser. It is old, I’m thinking before 2010, but it was new when I bought it. I actually had to take the plastic off it. So all-inclusive run time is 50ish 50% or less. So I’m going to move forward hoping that it’s just the board. I will read up on it and install it. Thanks again for the help. It’s nice to find a forum to help without ridicule.

I mean, that is a service we can offer :slight_smile:

Seriously though, tubes offgas even if you’re not using them. 10 years is a long time. Test fire your laser.

As promised…

I just ordered. let the fun begin. I had no idea that offgas. I thought sealed was sealed like neon. But it was cutting normal till I turned it of for the day. The next time I turned it on nothing. My fingers are crossed. If it doesn’t work its a good reason to upgrade. Have a great day!

They are sealed, but only insofar as the seals around the electrodes are “good” - as the tubes age the electrode/sealant/glass joint degrades and gas diffuses through them. A higher number of thermal cycles contributes to this (the coefficient of thermal expansion is different for tungsten, sealant, and glass). There’s no good way to prevent it, unfortunately.

I understand. It is what it is. I believe this will work. I was not having issues cutting or Engraving. It just stopped working and yes I know it can be a million and one things.
Does anyone know how long the packing and shipping normally takes? I would have thought the key for the lightburn would have been emailed all ready. I can understand the a few extra days to do the physical shipment, Is the Key being shipped also?

Orders are packed and shipped out on business day #3 after the order was placed. This is mentioned in the order received email, and described in detail in the Order Processing and Shipping Policy document that is linked in the same email:

Once your order ships, you will receive a “Your Cohesion3D order is now complete” email, and this email will contain your shipping tracking # and LightBurn Software Key (if ordered).

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