The laser machine has stopped without any error for a few days

Machine: Laser chine 400x600

Board: Cohesion3D and LightBurn

Problem/ Question: I have a 400x600 Chinese laser with a Cohesion3D card for a year.

Now I have the problem that when I send a job it just stops. If I control the work without turning on the laser power, it works, but as soon as I send it with the laser power it stops.

Video. First without laser power (it works perfectly), and then with laser power (it stops without saying any error or disconnection):

It also happens to me that you lose connection many times. I have tested with 2 different cables, one of them is the original USB cable they sell for Cohesion3D.

After 5 days going around and around looking for the error that did not stop occurring and became almost impossible to lock, it seems that I found it and I share it for who happens similar:
LightBurn, among one of its settings, has an option that indicates the time that must pass for automatic saving. When it is activated, strangely in most cases, the connection is cut and the error that I mentioned occurs. As soon as I deactivated that option putting a value of “0” and deactivating the corresponding box, it stopped failing and currently works perfectly.

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