The laser head moving like crazy

Machine: K40 / 40W

Board: C3D Laser Board

Firmware: I have a new board and I’m using whatever it came with.

Problem/ Question: As you can see laser don’t know were is the curing lines.
Hope you can help with that.

Test Video

Does it home correctly?

I think so. Before I had a problem with ending switch on Y. But it’s working and stop there.

When laser head goes home position shows 0 x 200 Y

Can you get better angle photos?

It was only Y on the old one

Yes I will when I back home about one hour.

Ribbon, ok. We should run a check to make sure the X endstop is correct.

Give this a try.

Ok, after you’re home, try the endstop test to see if it is normal.

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endstops_enable true # the endstop module is enabled by default and can be disabled here
#corexy_homing false # set to true if homing on a hbot or corexy
alpha_min_endstop 1.24^ # add a ! to invert if endstop is NO connected to ground
alpha_max_endstop 1.25^ # NOTE set to nc if this is not installed
alpha_homing_direction home_to_min # or set to home_to_max and set alpha_max
alpha_min 0 # this gets loaded after homing when home_to_min is set
alpha_max 200 # this gets loaded after homing when home_to_max is set
beta_min_endstop 1.26^ #
beta_max_endstop 1.27^ #
beta_homing_direction home_to_max #
beta_min 0 #
beta_max 200 #
gamma_min_endstop 1.28^ #
gamma_max_endstop 1.29^ #
gamma_homing_direction home_to_min #
gamma_min 0 #
gamma_max 200 #

alpha_max_travel 500 # max travel in mm for alpha/X axis when homing
beta_max_travel 500 # max travel in mm for beta/Y axis when homing
gamma_max_travel 500 # max travel in mm for gamma/Z axis when homing

Test 1) The console responds in normal position:
X_min:0 Y_max:0 Z_min:1 pins- (X)P1.24:0 (X)P1.25:1 (Y)P1.26:1 (Y)P1.27:0 (Z)P1.28:1 (Z)P1.29:1

Test 2) The console responds when manually actuate the Y Endstop:
X_min:0 Y_max:1 Z_min:1 pins- (X)P1.24:0 (X)P1.25:1 (Y)P1.26:1 (Y)P1.27:1 (Z)P1.28:1 (Z)P1.29:1

Test 3) The console responds when manually actuate the X Endstop:
X_min:1 Y_max:0 Z_min:1 pins- (X)P1.24:1 (X)P1.25:1 (Y)P1.26:1 (Y)P1.27:0 (Z)P1.28:1 (Z)P1.29:1

Test 4) The console responds when manually actuate the X And Y Endstop:
X_min:1 Y_max:1 Z_min:1 pins- (X)P1.24:1 (X)P1.25:1 (Y)P1.26:1 (Y)P1.27:1 (Z)P1.28:1 (Z)P1.29:1

X-Position, forward and back works nicely.
But Y-Position in working crazy.

Here you have better image from C3D Board.

Can you check to make sure no wires pulled loose anywhere? Sometimes on the K40 units, wiring is less than adequate and the slightest disturbance can cause an open connection, so inspecting the cable ends can sometimes show an open circuit. The photo looks ok, but you can’t always go by that.

Also, with the unit turned off, can you place the head in the upper right corner, turn the unit back on and show a video of it homing?

For reference the X motion is right to left and the Y is front to back.


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Hi Jamie
I can cut “OK” when cutting from Bottom, Left and Right but it’s not possible from Top.
It’s like laser-head don’t know were starting from. And It’s difficult to know from which position is going to cut.
Sounds strange

I can’t find any loose wires.

Here you can see I moved the head to upper right corner and then homing.

When I tried to cut get this results.

I managed to send head to X0 and Y0 only once and from there work nicely.


Upper right corner is the one nearest you

If you can put the head in nearest to you right corner, and video it homing, I’d like to see how it behaves. After that, if you could place the head in the center and use the arrow keys in LightBurn and show that, it would be helpful.

Are you planning to use the screen with this, or just the board? I’m curious if it would behave the same with GRBL-LPC, which can’t use the screen.

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Good morning

I am going to try GRBL-LPC if is working with iOS. Tanks

Here is video going home from far-away from home :slight_smile:

GRBL-LPC Have same problem :frowning:

Can you get some photos of the part numbers on your motors? I want to make sure they are not different than spec. Also, can you connect the M2 Nano back up to verify everything else still works correctly?

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