Ten-High Rotary Setup

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Machine: Ten - High Laser
Board: Cohesion3d Laser Board
Firmware: _Smoothie

Problem/ Question: I am having some trouble setting up the rotary with the Cohesion3d laser board.
Problem: Laser head running off to one side and crashing into the gantry.

My TEN HIGH machine came with those standard rollers, which attaches to the side of the laser machine rotary ports with a switch.

I am able to connect and power the rotatry tool.

Image of the rotatry settings, as I havnt quite worked out the mm per rotation.

I can position the red dot (over the pen mark) to start over the object and use the down arrow to run rotarty tool 360 degrees to return back to the starting position. However when I click start instead of engraving from current position the laser head runs off to the right and crashes into the gantry.

Current position top right of the object

Image of the setup

Instructions followed:

UPDATE - The problem with the the laser head crashing to the right when I hit start may well have been to do with the rotarty axis Y selected instead of A.

Was set to Y

Should be A according to instractions above:

Now when I hit start the laser head seems to be moving to the left but extremely showely, I cannot understand why? ive set the speed to 100 and bumped it up. This must have something to do with the config file settings.

Cohesion3d laser board Config file

config.txt (28.4 KB) Notes.txt (602 Bytes)

How do i slow down the initial spin when I click start?

i have this setup on current position and when i click start the spin moves it away from my mark and engraves (while off for testing) and finishes spins back to position but its not the same start position.

speed 200 was used

I need some help refining this as I cannot engrave bottles at this stage

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