Ten-high recommended updates + Estimated Job times

Hi All, I am currently running the Ten-High 60w CO2 laser that runs on the M2 Nano board with Corel Laser. I am new to the world of lasers, so there is a sense of learning as I move forward. I have recently placed my ordered on the Cohesion3D laserboard and camera.

I have found that I seem to be spending my nights (to 3am) trying to quote a number of clients jobs. It turns out that 90% of quotes I sent out; I fail to get the business. I need something that will analyse my drawings and estimate how long it would take to complete the job? I am not sure if there is a way to do this via the lightburn software or if I need to upgrade the controller that is fixed onto the laser machine?

While the machine functions, I have a number of complaints, some of them are my own fault for not having know what functionality I wanted from the laser. I would love to get some guidance on recommended upgrades that with will transform my machine and is compatible with my machine and the Cohesion laserboard.

LightBurn will show you a preview with an estimated run time of any file that is loaded.

I would recommend get an air assist laser head if you do not already have one. As well, a rotary attachment will allow yo to engrave cylindrical items such as glasses or bottles. Cohesion3D makes a very nice rotary unit. If your machine does not have one, get a mA meter as the first upgrade for your laser, it will allow you to set a safe upper limit for the current being sent to the tube.

Thanks Anthony, I am please to hear that Light-burn will show be a preview of the run time. This will save me tonnes of time.

The TEN-HIGH came with a rotary unit (See image on amazon) which is awful! The instructions they provided on the website does not work. When I was ready to engrave I would set a preview to make sure it is correct placed over the bottle. The preview would be accurate, when I hit start the laser head would just move to the left and say there. When I got in touch with ten-high they said I should not use the preview function. So I would be interested in the rotary device but I need to know or see a video of how to use it.

With regards to the mA meter, I understand what it is for but not quite sure how to use it? apologies if that sounds a bit dull but just trying to get my head round a)how it works, b)how I would use it daily?

You would only use the mA meter when you are first learning what the different power settings are creating in mA. For example 80% power in LightBurn may equate to 20mA, 50% power in LB may be 10mA. Once you know what your safe power levels are that will not overdrive the tube, you kind of do not need the meter. Except when the tube starts losing power and you may need to turn up the power say to 85% to get the 20mA.

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nicely explained :slight_smile: I have dropped Ray a message, if my order is not already shipped then I can get him to add the extras on.

Is there video of the rotary tool in use with lightburn?

Hi Mudassar,

You can learn more about the rotary on the product page.

You can also check out the LightBurn manual section with information on setting up the rotary.

Yes, we can still add items to your order. I’ll arrange it a little later.