Ten-High Laser Compatibility

Wondering if this High-Ten Laser on Amazon would be compatible with the Cohesion3D board. I’ve been thinking of purchasing a laser, I was looking at Glowforge for the UI, but realized the bed depth was limited to 2", which seems like a restrictive limit. So I’m thinking of getting an “ok” Chinese laser and upgrade the UI and capability’s with Cohesion3d and maybe the camera too. This machine is a slight upgrade on the other ten-highs and has a pass through slot which seems nice.
I know there’s already a ten-high thread but this is a slightly different machine? Or it might just be dressed up a bit different. I’m not sure, hence the slightly paranoid question.

TEN-HIGH Industrial Grade CO2 Laser Engraving Cutting Machine 430 50W with USB Port Engravable of Most Non-Metal Materia with Working Area 400 * 300mm-Desktop Advanced Version


Hi Josh, welcome to the forum!

There are a few posts about Ten-High lasers here, and it sounds like you’ve already discovered some of them, which is good. :slight_smile:

If you look through the thread linked below you’ll see photos of the machine, including the control board, which goes a long way to helping us determine compatibility with the LaserBoard we offer.

From the amazon link you provided we can see a photo of the laser panel, that along with the mention of the LaserDRW software means there is a strong chance that it has an M2 Nano controller board. (Keep in mind laser manufacturers may change hardware without notice.)

Also worth noting is that more than one review on the Amazon listing says that it does have the M2 Nano controller board. One reviewer (Daniel P.) specifically says he upgraded to a LaserBoard. He’s got a great video that talks about the process.

Best case, it could be a simple swap of the control board to get up and running, but keep in mind, we always encourage a tinkering and problem solving mindset when doing a machine upgrade like this. Since it is a bit larger than a standard K40 some config changes will need to be made, but it’s nothing we haven’t dealt with before.

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Thanks! I appreciate you helping put my mind at ease. This will be the most money I’ve ever paid for 1 tool lol.
Placed my order today! Can’t wait to get working with it

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