Ten-high 40w CO2 compatibility?

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Hi, I’m fairly new to the laser community. I recently bought a Ten-high 40W CO2 laser from amazon.ca. The model is TH-CO2-430-40W-BP-CA. I’ve managed to get it working but the documentation is abysmal and the process software is kind of ugly. Requires Coreldraw which is expensive, etc, so I’m considering switching out the controller. Is the cohesion 3D board compatible with this system?


This should work, based on an Amazon listing I found when searching for that model. Of course I can make no guarantees without seeing pictures of your exact machine and wiring, but it does appear that this model has an M2Nano style board, the digital panel, and they state Coreldraw as the software choice.

You should compare your board wiring to the install guide to see if it looks similar:

If this is a larger machine, our boards come pre-configured for the K40 laser, so you will have to modify some parameters in the config file for your machine such as the stepper driver currents, bed size, and speed/ acceleration values. Be prepared to spend some time tuning here.

You should also be prepared to do any tinkering and tuning to get this mounted and wired if there are any surprises.

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Thank you for the reply. I’ll compare my wiring with the install guide. I don’t mind tinkering a bit. I’ve built three 3D printers from scratch - well, with the help of the internet of course.

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Received the parts yesterday. installed laserboard today and was running within a few minutes. Edited the config file to change the bed size but that is all so far. Next is the Lightburn camera system and calibration - both axis are bit shorter than they should be - will probably have to adjust the stepper settings in the config file.


Start by telling the machine to jog 100mm in each direction, and measure how much it actually moves.

Regarding other settings in the board’s config.txt file, there are some threads regarding settings for larger machines:

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Thank you. I’m starting to get into this sort of calibration now. I can see in the config file where to change the values if nec for alpha/beta steps per mm. I’m familiar with this from my work on 3D printers.

One interesting thing I noticed with the old M2Nano board was that there was a big difference in the dimensions of an output object, say a basic square, depending if it was output as a cut/vector or as a engraved/raster. The cut output was bigger than the raster output on the exact same object. I haven’t tested this yet with the LaserBoard. What parameters might typically cause these kind of symptoms?


Overshooting due to acceleration or max speed too high, possibly.

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