Temperature Module

Machine: irelevant

Board: Smoothie, C3D, whatever

Firmware: C3d Smoothie Cluster Firmware

Problem/ Question: can u please activate the Temperature module? to readout Water and PSU Temperatures with thermistors.
Or would u provide your ClusterFW config files to be able to compile the FW by myy self?

Did you provide those pictures? We need pictures to understand your setup!

Hi Falko,

There are no pins for a thermistor on the LaserBoard. A separate circuit or temperature controller module would be needed.

The Clustering files can be found here: Improved Raster Speed Firmware Update for Cohesion3D Boards!

But the CPU has the IOs for that,
My programming skills are poor.
I tried to compile a smoothie, with ur changes, but it won’t compile with that, but without it does.
What i want to do…
Compile smoothie with 4axis and cluster support, and temperature switch.
Like the awesome c3d cluster firmware, just with temperature switch module

Hi Falko,

Smoothieware is open source, so you are welcome to play with it to try to figure it out. Firmware updates are a tad outside of our product support. Perhaps you could reach out to Smoothie repository owners and see if they could give you any guidance.

U are right, but the autor of the cluster changes, could say how to apply these changes on a custom build.
It would also be great, when a future version of cohesion board support temperature inputs, for security reasons, (too hot cooling sys) so one don’t need further controllers.

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