Suggestions on limit switch mounting

(Gary Webb) #1

Machine: El cheapo ebay diode engraver with laserboard

Board: laserboard

Firmware: Smoothie

Problem/ Question: I have two limit switches i bought with my order of the laserboard, they are the basic momentary switches. The engraver/cutter I have is built with 80/20 aluminum (tslot). Im trying to figure out the best place to mount the switch and which part of the gantry or mounts should press into the limit switches. Does anyone have suggestions on the best way to mount these? Anyone have a similar unit that can provide some pictures? Note the attached pictures show the little junky nano knock off controller, I have since replaced it with a laserboard. These are the limit switches I have


(Jamie Richards) #2

You may have to drill holes or make an adapter plate to use the actual extrusion mounts, which would still require drilling. Did you try holding the switch in different places to see best fit? Generally, with the default config, the Y switch will be in the left rear and the X switch is on the left side of its rail.

(Gary Webb) #4

Yeah I kinda played around with where to mount it. But couldnt find a solid place that wouldnt intrude into the path of the gantry before hitting the switch. I had kind of assumed I would need to build an adapter plate… but no biggie.

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