Stopped dead while engraving

OK I’m having skirts of problems my board just stops mid way I have changed to and from smoothie to grbl lpc and back again

At one stage it said error 8

Please help me

Please provide pictures of your board, machine, wiring, and a screenshot of your full LightBurn window.

A copy of the settings from lightburn and the cohesion board as well.

It would be especially helpful to have a lot more information before we try and do something you’ve already tried.

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There’s the board what settings would you like all I know how to change is the cut settings

Every thing else is how it came apart from grbl lpc

Because smoothie was so slow it’s painful

Unfortunately due to the quality of the photos I cannot see anything that’s useful.

The settings as I said in the last post.

You may want to try adding a little more lighting when taking the photos. Be sure to include not just the controller, but the power supply and all wiring to and from each part and try to take screenshots of your settings and device settings to help us understand your system better.

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What settings do you want

My board is a c3d laser board with just the k40 cables in nothing extra

So if you tell me how to find the settings you seek I will gladly do it

This is the last part to get it working

If you can put some lighting into where the controller and power supply are and take some really good photos of the wiring, controller, power supply, wiring, wiring going into everything and wiring out of everything, it would really help us try to figure out what’s going on. In LightBurn, click edit, settings, take a shot of everything on the screen, then get out of that and go to device settings and take a shot of all the stuff listed on that. We can then check and see if anything is out of order. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Like I said what setting and where in lightburn do I find them

Mine is a stock k40 with a c3d laserboard

It worked perfectly with the m2nanno that I put some where safe and can’t find it now so I can’t go back

All wires are tight I have checked those

All mirrors are perfectly aligned I just checked those again

I also cleaned the X axis belt and put that back on it Engraves perfectly for about 5 mins then decides to go home

I am not sure if it’s the c3d board or lightburn it did make me install windows 10 that I totaly hate

In order to help with this, we need to be able to see the board and wiring clearly.

Please update this thread with pictures that have good lighting, are in focus and show the board, wiring and LPSU.

The device settings from LightBurn are in the Edit > Device settings menu. Please also provide a screenshot of your full LightBurn window when connected to the laser.

The C3D (smoothie) settings are the ones on your SD card. I am quite unclear on what control software you have on the board at the moment though.

I’m seriously confused as to why had to install Windows 10?

Please also let us know the current state of the LaserBoard. Is it working for the 5 minutes then stopping or is it not working at all?

It’s working for 5.minutes then stops

I have grbl lpc firmware installed

Currently fixing a water leak I will take the photos shortly and post them

I can’t run it because the water is still leaking when I turn the chiller on

I forgot to upload the settings but nothing has changed in there from when I installed it is all as lightburn set

We won’t can do much testing wise until the leak is fixed then.

Could you please share your device settings for the grbl firmware?

I think I have fixed the error I took the part off where the flat lead connects at the stepper motor

And placed it back in fully hasn’t stopped mid job since

Now my only problem is dam lines when I engrave but that’s not board relaited

Well that’s grand :slight_smile:

Glad you worked it out!

I do have a question do you know what may cause lines when engraving

Best having a look through existing posts there’s a few. If those don’t help making a new post for a new ptoblem is advised so other people can find it in the future. :slight_smile: