Stepper motor current

Machine: _K40 m2

Board: _Cohesion3d board

Firmware: _Smoothie or GRBL-LPC? “I have a new board and I’m using whatever it came with”

Problem/ Question: _ what current should I run the steppers at Im getting some missed steps on the Y this started when I installed the Cohesion board the only markings on the stepper are
TYPE 42BHM34-060 - 15
CW. No.18.04.17

According to the motor specs that’s a 0.6A motor. Try messing with the acceleration settings for that axis as well as often times it’s acceleration that’s causing skips, not current. Try decreasing the value and see if that helps.

I upped it to .7 and it helped lol and it’s not getting hot should I lower it

As @loather mentioned, you may want to adjust your acceleration to a lower setting rather than set the current to something that is higher than the rating for your motor.

How about this motor 42bhm39-100-22D

I can’t find anything about that particular motor, but the current seemed to be encoded in the tail of the model number for the 42BHM34 models - try 1.0A and see how that fares.

Thanks Im getting wavy lines when I try to etch stuff that should be straight next step is to tighten the belts but im not entirely sure how and if I have to remove the gantry to do it

What settings are you using (power/speed/etc) when you are etching?

I think I fixed it I slowed down my speed and tightened some belts

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