Stepper driver compatibility C3D Mini

Hi I have a 3d printer which is not used anymore and I need new stepper driver for my cohesion3d mini, as I want to add a rotary device.
So my first thought was using the 3d printer’s drivers, as they look similar (both are A4988)
Question is: can I install any A4988 driver?
Or what else should I look for in a stepper driver?

The A4988 stepper drivers will work fine in the Mini as long as you are using NEMA17 stepper motors.

(For larger stepper motors we’d recommend external stepper drivers.)

Thanks, Pete.
Yes, I’ll be using a NEMA17 for the rotary device.
In fact I was thinking on adding a stepper driver, as a first step to replace all drivers and move them out of the board.
I could start with this axis, as I’ve never done this before… or I could just get the A4988 and go straight to it… :-/
Thank you for you help!

Hi Eduardo, here is what we would recommend if you want to add a rotary device or Z table using an external stepper driver with a C2D Mini. (Note I am basing this recommendation on the support email you sent using the contact form.)

We would also recommend that if you are not already using a high quality external power supply to power the C3D Mini that you get a second power supply just for that. (The LPSU for the K40 does not supply adequate power for both the laser and the C3D Mini.)

Finally, here are instructions for wiring a Z Table and Rotary to a C3D Mini board:

Thank you!
In fact I was looking fot a 24V power supply, but was expecting something similar to the one showed in the instructions you link. (what a great document!) as it’s easier to wire it .
But please, help me claryfy this:
Should I use the “Mini Power Supply” to power the board and then an industrial 24v PSU to power all the motors? Or may I use a single PSU fot both things?

The C3D Mini board originally sold without a power supply, so we recommend using a high quality 24V 4A DC power supply to power it (along with the on-board stepper drivers) rather than pulling power from the LPSU.

The 4A External Stepper Driver should have its own dedicated 24V DC power supply.

If you only intend to run the external driver at 1A (which should be fine for our motor), our power brick can handle both the board and external driver. Use the Wiring a Z Table and Rotary guide along with this one to branch out the wiring:

Now, you mentioned you may want to eventually move all the motors to external stepper drivers:

Our 4A power supply can handle the Mini with two on-board stepper drivers and two external stepper drivers running two 1A stepper motors each. That is the limit.

Thank you very much for all your explanation.

That is interesting, so I can leave both X and Y as internal stepper drivers and install two external stepper drivers for the remaining Z and A. And I dont have to worry about needed space for 2 extra PSU hahaha

Best regards :wink:

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