Step by step install Z table with laser board?

(Douglas Scott) #1

Machine: K40

Board: Cohesion 3d laser
Firmware: _Smoothie, I think.

Problem/ Question: How to start

Hoping to wire in a HM Mods Z table.

I know there are good step by step instructions for the mini board, but I understand those instructions won’t work with the laser board. I’ve seen a couple other posts asking for details on the Z table installation, but they start further along than I am. Is there a plan to update the instructions? I’ve got a Meanwell 50w 10a 5v power supply, lots of wire, the stepper driver, the stepper driver cable. I’m dumb enough not to know where to start, smart enough to ask.

Doug Scott

First time setup, driving rotary OR Z table

The other folks that have posted here had the LightObjects Z Table which has a smaller stepper motor that can be driven directly from the board. Hence there wasn’t much to document:

  1. Plug it into the LaserBoard.
  2. Set the steps per mm and maybe lower speed/ acceleration in config.
  3. Do nothing else.
  4. Done.

The HM Z Table uses a larger stepper motor that requires an external driver.

So for the signals on the external driver you’d use our cable to wire it like so:

The external driver will need a separate probably 24v power supply to power it.

Everything else is just a matter of hooking up the motor to the driver and configuring the board for the table - which HM should have that info for you.

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Thank you! I’m grateful for the quick response.

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I get a “Sorry you don’t have access to that topic” message.

(Dave) #5

So how is the current to the steppers controlled? My Robo3D controller has small pots to set the current, but I don’t see any on the laserboard.


Bah. That’s in the drafts section. Not published yet. Will deal with that in a bit.


Digital current control. It’s in the config file, up to 1.2 amps per driver.

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