Starting from Scratch

Hi Guys,
my new LaserBoard arrived a few weeks a ago (was replaced cause the first one was broken) and I want to get started the very right way.
I am not going to do a drop in replacement to an old K40 or something, but I am building my very own laser.
So is there a manual or intro that shows me how to connect every single cable or connector the right way?
I just tested the board if its alright - and in deed it works fine this time. I connected the LCD Display to it, but the LCD display stays black… is it broken or does it need more than just connecting the cables and fire the board?
Thanks and cheers,

No, because this could vary widely. Show us what you have, and we will help you.

Please show pictures of your board and this wiring.

Here a little picture from my electronics setup I plan.
You can find here:

  1. C3D LaserBoard + GLCD (inkl. the adapter and the cables)
  2. 1 x Nema Dual Motor + Driver + Cables (Y-Axis)
  3. 1 x Nema Single + Driver + Cables (X-Axis)
  4. 1 x Nema Single (no Driver but cables exist) (Z-Axis)
  5. 2 x Mechanical EndStops (the red one)
  6. 1 x Mechanical Stop for the Lid (black one)

The PowerSupply and USB Cable for the C3D are also here with me.
The PSU for the tube do also exist, but are not shown here.

In addition I have an emergency stop button, a view different On-Off-Buttons, and so on, that will be added to the whole electronics stuff when the basics are done.

Will the GLCD turn on, if I plug it in the C3D LAserBoard and fire it up with the PSU? Or do I have to connect it to the PC with LightBurn running?

I just wanted to test all the devices and electronics before I started the wiring inside my machine.

Thanks Guys :smiley:

Please show clear pictures of of how the GLCD Screen is hooked up to the GLCD Adapter and the LaserBoard so we can take a look.

Yeah I made it :joy:
I guess a connector was not attached properly.
One problem solved.
Now advices for the wiring setup to test motors and drivers?

Plug them in and try jogging. Make sure you have home on startup disabled for now when you set up the device in LightBurn, otherwise the board will lock without endstop switches set up.

Is there a guide to wire it correctly from the LaserBoard to the Driver and then from Driver to Motor?

Edit: Im asking all this stupid questions to learn and not to ruin or damage the board. Cause I can’t afford another hundred bucks to buy a new one :smiley:

Nobody? :frowning:

Details here: LaserBoard Connecting External Steppers

Yipieajeah! I found some minutes to work on the wiring of the electronics - I even got my 24V PSU for powering Stepper Drivers and other stuff like fans or LEDs… but now I have question, to finish my Motor Wiring.
My Y-Axis is powered and wired to a external stepper driver to the LaserBoard.
Now I have another external stepper driver left and I want to know if I should go for the X-Axis or the Z-Axis. I ask this, cause the Z-Axis (movable bed) weights 5kg and is attached on 4 sides to a trapezoid thread rod.
Is it more clever to put the external stepper with the motor to the “heavy lifting Z-Axis” or doesn’t it even matter at all?
Thanks :smiley:

UPDATE: I will open a seperate post for my last questions to not mixing up different questions under one topic.

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