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Installation Guides are here!


We keep a list of the most relevant articles on our Getting Started page at cohesion3d.com/start

Our existing documentation is hosted at https://cohesion3d.freshdesk.com/support/solutions and you’ll probably need to check here for docs on the Cohesion3D Mini and ReMix.

We’re going to try to move away from that and host the docs for the LaserBoard here on the forum (and maybe mirror them over to the docs site, we shall see).

Table of Contents

We’ve tried to organize this list in a logical progression:

  1. Install board into laser

  2. Get it running with LightBurn using the included Smoothie Firmware on the Board.

  3. Perform tuning as needed.

  4. Add any other hardware and get it working.

  5. Switch to GRBL-LPC Firmware if needed.

  6. Heed the common mistakes noted in the FAQ

Hardware Installation - Machines

Software Setup

Frequently Asked Questions

Please heed the common mistakes people make in our FAQ Category. Here is a selection for your reading leisure:

Chinese TS 4060