SSR/Air assist problems

So I have this little issue that I am not sure how to fix yet. I hooked my air assist pump up to a SSR so I could have automatic control using lightburn. Every thing works like it should sort of. When I run a burn the LED on the SSR comes on but the air pump does not. I have to unplug and plug back in the pump for it to start working. When the burn is done it turns the pump off like it should. Any ideas?

Do you have any photos of your complete setup?

Have you tried testing the SSR by using another voltage source? Disconnect it from the C3D and apply DC voltage to see if the SSR is working correctly.

Make sure the input voltage for AC is on the correct terminal.

I’m sure the SSR is working as it should. I swapped it out for the one on my CNC and it runs on there fine. Maybe I got one that is too big? I went with a 40 amp one because it was the same as the one on my CNC and I know it works well on there. Maybe the draw form the aquarium pump is too little to get the SSR to switch like it should. Maybe I should try an SSR rated for 10 amps? I don’t have any photos yet but will add some to my build log soon.

Does it specify the trigger voltage? They usually start out at 3v, so the 5 voltage should set it off. I’ve only ever seen this problem when the source AC was on the out terminal.

So the top part of the ssr has an extension cord attached. Just cut one wire and connected it to the ssr. The negative terminal on the ssr goes to the mosfet part of the connector. The yellow goes to source voltage pin of the same plug. So its using 24volts to trigger. I have also tried this on the 5 volt lead. The light on the ssr comes on but I have to unplug and plug in the pump before the pump will turn on.

I can’t see whatever you have linked to on facebook. Might want to make them public or put them up on imgur etc?

I will try to add the video to my instagram and reload it.

Video link updated. Hopefully it shows this time.