Squiggly text - Engraving using Fill - gone bad

So very frustrated I have been engraving slate coasters for some time. I am attempting to complete a customer order that whttps://forum.cohesion3d.com/#ent wrong 1/2 way through the job.
I line up 4 coasters in a 4x4 grid. This order started off fine. Ran my job and the first two coasters are perfect. The next two were botched. I have not been able to engrave in Fill mode at all. I did a test using Line mode (using card stock for testing) and I could not see any issues. Switch to fill mode and it is bad.

The photos show the glitches and the blue circled group was a separate burn from the other one. That is card stock. The Phillips is fill mode and looks fine.

I normally do Slate at 200 mm/s at 65% power which is about 4 mA. It is worked every time until now.

The last photo is the bad text…

Any help will be appreciated.

Hi Robert, any chance you can do a few more tests and post some video of what is happening?

Anything else you can do to narrow it down would help. For instance, is it repeatable or random?

If you are able to shoot a video, please post it on YouTube or another site and paste the link into a reply here.

I hope to post video today 5/8/20 or tomorrow.
It is repeatable in that it has happened every time since the first coaster job over a month ago and it is random in that it does not always happen in the same place.
I have wasted 6 coasters as a test on card stock starts out looking well and then restarting with coasters and it goes bad. Back to card stock and it is bad.
This machine has less than 20 hours of run time total since new.
Customers are going elsewhere.

physically inspect the wheels on the y axis, see if they’ve got a flat spot or are loose.