Sparking when plugging power supply into board?

Machine: 60W 6040 with M2 Nano

Board: Laserboard

Firmware: Stock Laserboard Smoothie

Problem/ Question: When I plug the official Cohesion3D power supply into the Laserboard I am getting sparks around the connection point. This occurred out of the box, and continues after install. It’s this normal? Could it be a problem with the board or power supply?

I captured a frame out of the video to show the magnitude of the sparking. It is repeatable.

Glad you mentioned this as I have the same issue when plugging the PS into the board. Everything seems to work as expected but not a good situation. I now leave the C3D Laserboard connected to the brick PS and control the power to the brick through a strip outlet controlled by a relay which is connected to the system after the Emergency Stop switch. It’s been out of sight, out of mind for me but would like someone to let us know why this is happening and what should be done.

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Hi Vincent,

If you plug into the the DC jack on the LaserBoard while the power supply is already energized, it will cause a large inrush current as the capacitors charge on the board, resulting in sparks. This is known behavior. To prevent this, put the power plug into the board and connect the power brick before powering on.

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Thank you Starla!

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