Software purchase issue

(Richard Neal) #1

Untill you post this order to my account I cannot purchase the $40.00 upgrade to DSP.
Please send me the link for the upgrade.
I have the Ruida board. I am new at this and did not know what DSP ment.
Subject: LightBurn
Order Number: 16455
thanks Rick

(Chris Leitch) #2

Do you have your LightBurn licence key?

(Richard Neal) #3

Yes, I gave you the order number so as not to post the key here.

(Chris Leitch) #4

I’m nothing to do with the shop. You buy the upgrade from the LightBurn site. All you need is your key.


We replied earlier today to your three emails from this weekend, and then just replied to your email about how we haven’t been answering your emails.

The content of our response to you:

Here’s what you need to do:

Go here and buy this:

Then email LightBurn with your license key. The email address for LightBurn is on that page.

They will upgrade your key for you to include the DSP devices.


Richard, and we have again replied to your email from this morning. Please check your email including the promotions and spam folders to hopefully find our responses to you.

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