Software help

i am trying to get the software to etch in relief such as making stamps how do you do that not having any luck

Hi Jim,

Check out the ramp length feature in LightBurn. Try creating a test file with several layers that have widely varying ramp length set for each to see the difference in your engraving. Make sure the objects or text characters have enough space to account for the ramp angle. You can see the results in the preview window if you enable “Shade according to power”.

You can also try testing with grayscale images or depth maps to get variable depth based on the lighter and darker areas of the images. There are examples of this on the LightBurn forum.

thanks works fine now if i can only get my bed size larger i have tried editing config file but only moves bed up and crashes into end of travel will not move it down i have almost 80 mm i could use on side opposite home

Hi Jim,

You’ll want to update your alpha_max and beta_max values in the configuration file. You may need to tweak the alpha_max_travel and beta_max_travel values for your endstops as well. More info: Setting Up the Correct Bed Size

If you need help updating, please provide a copy of your configuration file for review. Copy and paste the content of the file in a reply with 3 backticks (on the tilde key in the upper left corner of the keyboard) ``` above and below the content. Example:

Paste content here

Alternatively, you can paste the contents to Dropbox, Google Drive, or Pastebin and provide the link here.