Smothie driver not working windows 7

k40 laser with m2 nano

Board: c3d laserboard

Firmware: _i have a new board and use whatever came with it
Problem i cant get the new board to recognise my windows 7 premium pc, i am using a new GOOD usb cable ,but the driver will not load. i read through similiar threads and cant get the driver loaded
when i checked the sd card that came with the board it had a config file, and another file (firmware) that should be a bin file but it says its a curser file?
i am not a computer geek and dont know what this means but to me it dos not look correct,i dont know how to flash the card!! ,i have downloaded the bin file again from c3d site but if i click it, i cant open it as i dont have a programme?
any help would be welcome