Smoothie driver not detected

So I started my k40d with cohesion board just now and this is what i get. I have and order for 10 glasses for a customer today and my cohesion board is not working. Please help!


That’s not much info to go on. What are the LED’s on the board doing and which ones are on?

What can you see in device manager?

The lights are all on without blinking & device manage says “USBSerial”

Without blinking is a clue. Please remove the SD Card from the board and put it into your computer - do you see the card and any files show up?

Sorry had a rush of customers. In the card it says firmware. Date modified 11/25/2018.

You need a config file on the card. Is there one?

Yes there is. Should have included that.

Well, back those up and try putting new files on the card: LaserBoard Firmware + Config Stock Files on Memory Card

I need to know what happens, what all the LEDs do, and what you see in Device Manager AND in “Devices and Printers”.

I did what you recommended bow only 1 red abd 1 green led is on solid.

Exactly which green LED?

first from the bottom is solid green and first from the top is solid red.

Still need to know what you see in Device Manager and in “Devices and Printers”.

It says smoothie bard but it has a caution/conflict icon on it

Can you try installing these please?

It should sort out the smoothie driver issue.