Smoothie Cluster firmware

Rebuild K40



I will try to upgrade to the new smoothie firmware for faster
Engraving speed ,

I have à rebuild K 40 laser With bigger gantry (70 x 50 cm)
And different motors (have too change in the config text too get it right
With the steps)

I had a hard time to get everything right in the config when i installed the smoothie firmware i use right now.

My question :

Can i just copy my old config text too the new smoothie firmware
Sd Card to make the config too work With the new cluster firmware?

Stock config file should work but need to adjust for your new bed size and steppers

Take a look at the post about the new changes

The old config file will work fine with the new cluster firmware - the changes were to the internals, not anything that the config file would change.

Ok Thankyou,

So i can just copy my old working config file to my new Sd Card , and it
Should work as before , without changing anything in the config.

Yes if you have already made the changes to accommodate your new bed size and motors. Try it. Can’t hurt

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