Smoothie Cluster Firmware Issue

Machine: K40 originally with M2 Nano

Board: C3D Mini v2.4

Firmware: Smoothie with v2.3 Smoothie Clustering Firmware

Problem/ Question:

Normally, I have no issues with engraving and cutting with Lightburn 0.9.09 but on high-complexity cuts, I’m getting errors with shifting and distortions. I fixed most of the issues by finding the “Smoothie Clustering” option after re-reading the release notes but some shifting still occurred in the attached project. I suspect that I have a setting that is wrong so I’m attaching a screen shot of the project, and photo of before/after Lightburn Smoothie Clustering was enabled. Notice that the center rectangle content is still shifted down.

I’m attaching the GCode from the clustering enabled run as well as my config file. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

config.txt (25.7 KB) d p_xmas_gcode.txt (409.5 KB)

Hi Clif,

I am happy to help, but I saw that you also posted this question in the LightBurn forum, and I (and a large number of my colleagues) are not fans of when people “shotgun post” the same question - it happens a lot in the FB groups where someone will just post the same question to 2-5 or even more groups related to 3D Printing/ Laser Cutting/ other subject matter.

In this case, I want to go through a specific set of debugging sequences, and I have no desire to do that if other people in other places are telling you to do other things.

The way I think this should go is that you ask here first and we run through some things with your board wiring and configuration settings, and then based on how that goes I can direct you to the appropriate avenues to continue, armed with new information.

This is by no means meant to be mean or directed specifically at you, and we appreciate your patronage and continued support of C3D, but the multi-posting thing has been irksome for a while now and I’m going to be bringing it up with people going forward. I like when C3D questions are posted to the C3D Forum, and when they are resolved, for the subsequent LightBurn questions to be posted to the LightBurn forum.

Sorry. I originally suspected Lightburn was the culprit but I finally started to think that it was actually my configuration. That is the reason that it was found there, and my last reply more or less stated that I didn’t really think that it was a Lightburn issue from what I was now observing. Any help would be great. This has been going on for a while and this was the simplest design so far so I figured that it would be a good example to post.

So the immediate quick questions:

This job looks like it is just a single power line cut. Clustering has nothing to do with this particular thing (it is not an engraving).

Do I understand correctly that you were having a shifting issue before installing the clustering firmware?

Your above pics are different than what pre-cluster sliding would look like, roughly if you had an image and it was doing that in the direction of engraving:

This particular job, you can simply lower the seek rate in config file:

default_seek_rate 18000

and possibly the acceleration:

acceleration 2000

Some pics of your board and wiring would also help, good to check for things like if you have a separate power supply running the Mini, and if you have already turned the current pots up on the stepper driver modules.

Yes, I had problems before the clustering software on high-complexity engraves (line cuts with same power).

Several SVG files that that a lot of detail seemed to result in a big mess when sent to the laser cutter. Deep into the job, things would be shift, distorted, etc. The job in my original post was something that my son did by taking an image of the plants, bike, dogs and using the Lightburn trace function. Then he laid the small images on top of each other on a single line cut layer. This resulted in some lines on top of each other and a lot of individual nodes in the drawing. When I saw this, I started seeing a pattern with logs of nodes in a small area and from searching these forums suspected an issue with the configuration.

As you can see above with the bamboo (clustering firmware but disabled in Lightburn) and the cardboard (clustering firmware and enabled in Lightburn), the picture came out closer to the very top image in the post but it is still off in places.

I have not done anything since I upgraded to the cluster mode firmware but did see the types of shifts from time to time as in your picture. I do not know if the high-density vectors (my posted example) is related or not.

I did a lot of rework of the wiring in my box so I’m just going to take a stab at what you want to see. I did some heavy grounding so this unit will actually work on a GFCI outlet now, power SSR driving an air pump, wiring for your C3D rotary, and a reworked control panel.

I have a C3D PS running the C3D Mini (came together) and I have not touched the power pots.

Pictures below:

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