Slave axis

Machine: 1500mm X 1500mm gantry laser home brew

Board: LaserBoard

Firmware: I have a new board and I’m using whatever it came with

i am controlling a 1500mm X 1500mm gantry laser.
it has 2 ballscrews and 2 stepper motors controlling the gantry.

i currently have 2 stepper controllers hooked up to my x signal. it does the trick but it can’t square itself.

i would like to use A axis and slave it to my X axis, and give them each a mechanical limit switch.
that way i could home x and A together, and if for any reason, any of them had missed steps, it will square itself that way

could it be possible with my cohesion board ?

Hi Benoit,

It is possible to run dual Y motors in your machine, as you are currently doing. However, this is not advised, as it can potentially and unsafely redirect your laser beam if one of the motors fails. The recommendation is to use a single motor with a drive shaft moving the rails on both ends.

There is no capability for having the Y axis on 2 separate driver outputs from the C3D board and individually homing them as separate axes.

You may find this post helpful: Can C3D Laserboard drive 2 stepper motors on Y-axis for new K40 gantry?

Screw drives (ballscrew/ leadscrew) tend to be slow and loud. They can be good for a CNC when cutting, but a laser typically has a small and light head that needs to move freely around very quickly. Most laser cutters use timing belts. Something to keep in mind.

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