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(Eamonn) #1

Just a thought…

I really don’t like uncategorised as it just becomes a dumping ground for anyone that doesn’t know where to post the questions…

But a site improvement tab like another well known forum has done would be a good idea


Uncategorized is a Discourse defined category for posts that don’t fit into any other topics. By their definition I can’t disable or stop people from posting to it. What I can do is keep an eye out and if we see a common thread being talked about repeatedly I can make an additional category for it.

(Travis Sawyer) #3

Does this forum support Tapatalk?


Not sure. Feel free to google for Discourse Tapatalk. I found various responses on the matter.


Discourse (this forum platform) does not support Tapatalk and Jeff Atwood has stated “The Tapatalk compatibility feature is not on our roadmap at all right now.”

(Travis Sawyer) #6

Ok. So far I’m liking the mobile skin and features.

Thanks, Ray!

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