Shipping from UK

I understand I can now have a controller shipped from the UK. Does the same apply to the rotary table or does that ship from the US?


I’m not sure where you heard that (please do share where you think that was), but we continue to only ship all orders from our headquarters in the US.

I do apologise. I had been spending a lot of time on both cohesion3d and awsometech forums trying to decide which controller would be my upgrade once I have received my new Ten High machine.
I decided it will be cohesion3d along with the rotary and mixed up the ‘ships from UK’ with awesometech.
Sorry about that.
It still doesnt change things, I will still be going the cohesion3d way. Could you tell me what the typical shipping time would be please.


Our shipping policy is located here:

The one amendment is that we are currently shipping by UPS Expedited instead of USPS Priority for international orders, since USPS/ other country’s postal services all became unbearably slow due to the pandemic.

You pay the calculated rate for USPS Priority at checkout, and ideally we can ship by UPS Expedited for a very similar cost. For certain countries like Germany and the UK, this is quite predictable, although there is always the possibility that you are in what is classed as a “remote area” and UPS will charge more - in which case we will let you know and you can pay the extra, or we cancel your order, or figure something else out.

Other countries like Spain, France, and Australia are more all over the place, where some regions are the “normal” rate while other regions are the much higher rate.

Rotary’s are hand made by me with great care and can take some time.

Thanks for your informative response.
I’ll be back to you once I have taken delivery of my machine.

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