Setup Issues with Placement and Line vs. Fill alignment, etc

Machine: K40

Board: LaserBoard

Firmware: Smoothie

Problem/ Question: Here’s the biggest issues:

Those were done at 80mm/s.

I’ve already tweaked speeds in the config, but it’s still goofy, and the lines look terrible. What should I do?

I didn’t have any of these issues with my previous controller.


This is done at 35mm/s:

It’s still pretty bad, but obviously a lot better than the others.


You’re definitely losing steps. It’s likely a combination of your stepper motor current settings and your acceleration values. If you do a search on the forum for “stepper currents” you should find a wealth of info on how to tweak those values for a successful configuration.

They’re the same values as they were with my previous board that had no issues at all? The acceleration values seems related, but I’ve already lowered them significantly.

The stepper current posts weren’t relevant. I’ll try dropping the acceleration values again.

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