Settings question

Machine: chinese laser with 400x600 co2 laser with nano m2 board

Board: replaced the board with cohesion’s board

Firmware: don’t know

Problem/ Question: I am trying to get better precision. I noticed that a small circle has overshoot at each quadrant and/or irregularities. I tried putting a little bit more tension on the belts. That didn’t seem to help much. Then I noticed that after stopping from a rapid speed movement the laser head vibrates for a moment. I would like to test with decreasing rapid speed or try different acceleration speeds. Where can I change these settings? In lightspeed I found edit>device settings >basic settings but couldn’t find it there. Next to it is a tab additional settings with exactly the settings I would like to adjust, but these only influence simulation timing.

(Btw I tried to upload a pic of the additional settings screen, but wasn’t allowed as new user)

There is a file config.txt on the SD card installed in the laserboard. Edit that and you can change the settings you need.

Thnx I will have a look

Is it safe to lower alpha and beta acceleration values?

yes, i suggest starting at 500mm/sec^2 then increasing it in increments of 100 until it starts losing steps again, then back it off 150 from that point.

thnx! That’ll work

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