Setting Job Origin from GLCD

Is there any way to set the job origin via the GLCD when a PC is not connected via the USB cable?

When you are running jobs from the GLCD you should be in absolute coordinates mode.

Are you trying to make it function such that you jog the head over to a location that you want to start and treat that as the bottom left corner of the job?

Yes, I would like to jog to a specific location, which might vary by job, and start from that location. I want to be able to set that location as “job origin” as I do in LightBurn and then repeatedly run the starting at that location. I have tried “Set Park Position” and “Goto Park Position” but they do not seem to establish a “job origin”. As a result, the job will either start at the “Home” position (0,0) or it will start at the last “job origin” position set by LightBurn

I have a work around in mind but you will have to be careful not to crash your head to to the opposite end by using it.

Assuming you are running the stock Smoothie firmware, go to the config file and scroll most of the way down to find the ## Custom menus area.

Make a new entry below the existing ones as follows:

custom_menu.set_origin.enable               true               #                 Set_Origin         #
custom_menu.set_origin.command              G92X0Y0            # 

Now you can jog to the lower left corner of the desired starting point and go to the Custom Menu and click your new script Set Origin. That will now set your work coordinate system as 0, 0.

In LightBurn, you should be in Absolute mode with the origin defined as the lower left, as it already should have been.

What you have to be careful of is that if you define the start point, and your design is bigger than the remaining X and Y space towards the right and rear, that you may crash your head into those edges/ corner of the machine along the way.

Thank you, I will give it a try, tomorrow and let you know.

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