Set maximum speed for framing

Machine: _Standard K40
Board: _Cohesion3D
Firmware: _Smoothie

Problem/ Question: _ Simple question, K40 and Cohesion board working well, had to reduce the acceleration rates a little to get vector text looking good. My query now is which settings in the config file do I need to change to slow down the framing speed (too fast to accurately judge the position) or is this a setting I need to adjust in Lightburn?

LightBurn as a setting you need in the move box see screen shot below:

move command

You should adjust the max speeds in the board’s config file, as shown here:

All sorted now, thanks, it was the setting in Lightburn I needed to change not in the config file.

Hi could you send me your config file cause i have some problems with my speed

my problem wa the head moving too fast when framing, the fix was in Lightburn not cohesion (I had to set the speed in the move box to about 60 mm/sec.
I an including my Cohesion setup file in case it helps (minor details like the bed size etc. may vary from machine to machine, but this setup seems to work for me!)

config.txt (28.4 KB)

Thanks alot man I did a lot of changes in my config. So its not possible for me to just use yours. But i will have a look at your speeds and acceleration settings and change mine

I had to reduce the acceleration to prevent wavy lines when burning vector text, no other drastic changes done (btw, using the latest firmware)

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