Seems like a different M2Nano board

My K40 came with this board

Board: LiHUiYU Studio Labs!!!

I am hesitant on power connector. How should I connect it?

What about the XY limit - 5V?? How do I connect it?

Here is the picture of the XY limit - 5V.

Can you post pics of the actual limit switches and wiring from them please.

There is only 1 Limit switch. So here is the power and the limit wires.

This is the 4 wires coming from the power supply to the old card.

This is the Motor

This is the Limit switch
So if X is left-right, then the limit switch is on the X

Limit Switch

The Y does not have a limit SW and when I ,move the Y it will hit metal …

From behind the limit Sw - X

The ribbon cable coming to the Laser

You do in-fact have 2 limit switches but they are different. your second last photo is the one that is obvious but your other is the little u shaped piece in the last photo. That one is a no contact optical sensor, there should be a small tab that will break the beam when that axis homes.

On your board the connector on the side is used for the mechanical limit switch only, the 4 pin in the lower center is one motor as you noted and the ribbon cable feed your other motor and the optical limit switch.

The wires you will use from the laser power supply are GND and L.
which C3D board are you installing?

First this is the board, I’m trying to install.

Secind, I will install new limit switches… So I’m printing :slight_smile:

this is to avoid the banging of the head into the chassis …

Perfect, the 4 pin plug from the small board in the last picture of your previous post is for your X motor and should plug straight into the laserboard X port the same goes for the previously mentioned Y motor plug into Y port.

Your end limit switches will wire to the ports marked as end stops.

Lastly the GND wire from the laser PSU will connect to “Laser Ground” on the Laserboard and L from the laser PSU will connect to “Laser Fire” on the Laserboard.

Listed here are the basic connections to make things work. Do you have a digital panel or an analog meter and pot for setting max laser power?

I have the standard Pot… As shown here…

and this is what I understand from your direction in the previous post. Am I correct?

How do I connect the stops? Should I strip them and jumper them into the Stops or just plug them into the white connector shown below?..
Picture D.JPG connector is 5 pin, should it go into Laser End Stop port?

I also want to install another 2 limit switches one on the Y and another on the X Max…

(Assuming X is right - left)
(Y front - back)
(and Z no change - or Rotor when installed)

Yes that plug has both end stops.

all you should need to do is connect the other mechanical endstop to the yellow and orange wires in this plug in the same fashion as the one already connected. The black wire will not be used.

red=gnd white=xmin yellow=ymax orange=gnd

you are correct with the X motor
then you remove this plug (wires may need extending) and plug into you Y motor plug

you could also just plug in the ribbon and that will take care of y motor and end stop if you don’t need to swap out optical sensor.

Thank you for the help. No I will keep the Ribbon, and optical sensor since I have an end stop there. …
In the diagram from C3D website, I found a pin / connection description of the board.

I’m interested to know how the Network Adaptor (LAN) and the camera connects to the board?
But I guess this can be in another post that I have to search for.

To sum up:

K40 Side C3D
L Laser Fire
Ribbon Ribbon
X Motor X Stepper

I will add these new ones:

X Max(new limit Sw) X Max
Y Max(new limit SW) Y Max

or Does it go into
K40 End Stops Connector-5 Pin?

4pin plug orange wire…white k40 power plug connector
xmotor…X Stepper
5 pin plug…k40 endstops connector
ribbon…ribbon connector

These connections will get you going.


4pin plug orange wire…white k40 power plug connector

I thought you want me to only connect the L and GND from the K40 to the C3D (only 2 wires)? Right?

Yes connect those two wires into screw terminals.

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