Second Opinion for wiring

Machine: Home built machine

Board: C3D

Firmware: I have a new board and I’m using whatever it came with

Problem/ Question:
I need a second opinion from a suggestion from cloudray.

I have upgraded my tube and power supply going from a 40W to now a 90W tube with a Clourdray M100 power supply. My issue is that it will only fire when I press the test button which is on the new digital ammeter display (provided by Cloudray) you can see a spark at the end and also it helped me align my mirrors and beam…no problem…great! I have an analog ammeter attached also and when I press the test button on the new digital ammeter display you can see the analog needle moving. For fear that I hooked up another wire wrong on my other failed attempts at this I have removed everything that was wired into the power supply so I now only have the two wires going into it from the board. I have read a bunch of posts and have spoken to cloudray before and everyone has directed me to just hook up the two wires going from the board (ground and laser fire) and into the new M100 (L and G). That makes total sense! its just two wires! When I actually send a design from Lightburn I can clearly see that my laser is attempting to cut something out because the third mirror mount is moving around….just no laser coming out. When my design is “attempting” to cut I can see the lights on the board with the red LED in the corner and the others which is telling me that nothing is wrong and when it was done it went back to home. I have contacted Cloudray again and now they suggested something else to try but it sounds kind of weird so I wanted to ask everyone here before I try it. They suggested that instead of using the laser fire port on the board that I try the 5V from the board and attach it to the IN port on the power supply. I’m a bit hesitant to do this for fear of shorting out my board or something. Don’t get me wrong I am appreciative that cloudray has been trying to help me out but I just want a second opinion because while reading all the post and looking at video’s no one has ever mentioned that. Also another thing to note is that when I press the little red test button on the actual power supply nothing happens. This should have been an easy switch over….two wires…bing bang boom.

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