Sd card "POOF!" like magic disappeared

Machine: k40 - m2 nano (windows 10 pro 64bit -k40 whisper/Inkscape)

Board: C3D

Firmware: unknown “I have a new board but have not ran it yet”

Problem/ Question: _between last night and this morning I miss placed the new SD Card! Trying to do my due diligence, I read. But now I’m confused :confused:

I have windows 10 64bit os. I know that the drivers are not needed, and I already know how to allow for unsigned drivers. The C3D board was part of the most recent batch. So question …
? Do I even need the SD card at all for its first time booting up?

? Is the SD card required to be in the CD3 at all times of operation?

? Are there other necessary/helpful files on the included SD card i should download, which link?

As always thanks in advance
Madison Rae

Solved-- I just needed to expand my search into other areas of the forum and of course SMACK! Right there in front of me already posted long ago by @Cohesion3D ray. Thanks for putting up with my apparently not enough due, due diligence :wink:

Madison Rae

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