Rotary- squished image

Machine: k40 came with m2nano
Board: c3d mini
Firmware: _Smoothie or GRBL-LPC? Grbl

Problem/ Question: tried a rotary for the first time yesterday and the first test came out great. It was just test from left to right. Rotary turned fine. Then I tried to wrap an image around a 2 inch round piece of wood. Took an image that was 2x3 and rotated 90. The rotary turned farther but only went maybe 1/3 of the way so the “width” is squished. Tried a vector engrave of the same image and it turned a little bit then just stopped and kept burning.

So what do I need to change?

anyone have an idea?

Start by reading this:

Get the correct steps per mm value from the rotary manufacturer and put it in as explained there.

Then send a G0 A360 command which should turn the rotary one full revolution.

If it does, then great, your C3D Board is properly configured.

i have the hm v2. i drew a 1x1 inch square and played with roller diameter until it was exactly 1x1. so i got that figured out. then i took the square and and made the height equal to the circumference and that wrapped good.

i tried a G0 A360 and it spun like 8 revolutions before i shut the machine off because it wouldnt let me stop it otherwise.

the other problem is doing a vector engrave. i did a square fine. then drew a circle. it starts turning then just stops and burns so there is something in the gcode that it doesnt like i guess. lightburn is taking a look at it. first i thought maybe because the first vector engrave test was from an image traced image thats why it didnt work. but even simply drawing a circle it did not work.

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