Rotary setup with 3d mini

Machine: _K40 _

Board: _Cohesion 3d mini
Firmware: _new Firmware Smoothie

Problem/ Question: _Can I use the y axis until my driver comes in for the a axis.
If so what settings do I need to use? I have this rotary from HM accessories.

With the power of search I found this link to the official documentation

Z bed and rotary setup

Also you’ll have to get the stepper info from the supplier of the rotary. The steps per rotation etc.

You haven’t mentioned what current the stepper is rated for on your rotary or what your setup is for your Y axis either stepstick or external stepper driver so I can’t really comment on functionality.

Thanks but I found this. It is for the laser board and external drivers. I was asking about running it off of the 3D mini board driver in the board already. I found out from the fb page.

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