Rotary setup issues

(Lee S lim) #1

Machine: K40 I think it was a nano board originally
HolgaMods V2 Rotary

Board: Mini board

Firmware: Batch 3 firmware 4 axis

Problem/ Question: Trying to install 4th axis firmware and config, from

I removed the old files and renamed the files on the mini sd card and booted up.

I see the new firmware on the boot screen, but I do not see any changes in the usable selections in the menu. I also do not see the rotary move when I add the selection in light burn.

I can see the A axis stuff in the config file.

So what did I miss?


(Eamonn) #2


You won’t see the A axis on the GLCD screen or be able to control it from there.

You will only be able to control it from the software

If you have a look at the installing a rotary documents you will need to alter the config file to remove the !o from the comments to enable the A axis.

(Eamonn) #3

This is the info that I am on about Lee.

This is my file…

(Lee S lim) #4


that was it! I now have a moving rotary… along with

I was able to get it set up.

Thank you

Next I need more depth in the K40 to use the rotary…


This came up once before, very recently: Added "A" Axis Rotary, Now wont boot properly

There might be something that doesn’t play nice between the (older) files that are provided in the rotary guide and the latest batch 3 firmware and config files that are in the dropbox link at the bottom of the Mini install guide.

The batch 3 firmware file is actually a 4 axis one, so you could just add the A axis section as shown in the guide to the config file in the batch 3.

And yes, everything in the guide is for use with external drivers. If you use other drivers you have to do it differently.

(Josh Mosselli) #6

I just went through this exact thing. Needing more depth. I ended up cutting a hole in the bottom of the k40 box for the Zaxis bed to fit through. I made the piece I cut out removable so I can put it back in if I need to come up higher for other parts.

(Lee S lim) #7

So far i cut a hole big enough for the rotary, i should have cut enough for the z bed