Rotary settings

I am currently running a K40 with Cohesion3D laserboard I am running smoothie. With my rotary plugged into A axis, I have the circumference cranked all the way up to 1000mm and when I burn a 100 mm line it actually cuts a line approximately 300 mm. My rotary is a direct drive to my work piece. The circumference of my work piece is 328mm. Any ideas of what I can change?

Does this mean it is a chuck style instead of a hot dog roller style?

You need to start by getting your steps per mm correct in the board’s config file.

Sending the command G0 A360 in LightBurn Console should turn the rotary exactly 1 full revolution (360 degrees). Start there - send that command and observe how much it turns.

My rotary is a chick style. The drive motor is connected directly to the work piece. How so I access the lightburn console or board configuration?

LightBurn has a Console tab next to Cuts and Move. You would type and send the command there.

Then, to modify the board config file, the instructions here will apply: Setting Up the Correct Bed Size

You’re looking for the line called something like delta steps per mm

I have modified the configuration of the delta file to get 360 degree rotation. If I raster a thin line around my cup, it will complete approximately 1mm past the start. So very close there. When I go to do a logo it stretches it out a considerable amount. What can I be missing?

Still having trouble getting things to come out properly proportioned with my rotary. I have lowered acceleration speed for the rotary to keep it from being"jerky". I’m using a Nema 17 motor 400step/ 0.9° steps. I have the delta steps per mm set, so when I command (GO A360), it rotates 360 degrees. Again I have the cup mounted direct drive to my stepper. I will attach a picture for explanation.

As for slippage on my mount, I have marked cup, mount and drive pieces with a marker and nothing moves out of place. TIA for any help.

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