Rotary accessory use on Boss Laser

Will your rotary accessory plug directly into a BOSS LS-3655 laser?

Hi David,

Thank you for your interest in our rotary.

In general, when you have a large machine such as yours, it either uses more powerful stepper motors in the XY drive system, or other types of motors entirely such as 3 phase.

Our rotary and just about everything else in the same price range uses a small Nema 17 stepper motor that needs 1 amp and the motor will fry at the higher currents.

Boss LS series use a Ruida controller. On this and many other DSP controllers, you would have to at least unplug the Y motor to plug the rotary motor in, but also change the current between say the stock value of 3.5 amps and 1 amp for the rotary each time. That’s if your machine has steppers. If your machine has 3 phase motors you’d need to install a separate stepper driver and wire it in.

So it’s best to install a separate stepper driver for the rotary anyways, and then you just have to swap a connector plug each time you want to switch between the normal Y motor and the rotary.

I want to make sure I give you the correct information for your machine exactly - can you provide clear pictures of your machine, the entire electronics bay, and what the X/ Y motors look like?

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