Ribbon cable for X-axis? Installation docs show 4 pin

Machine: Vevor (see link below)


Board: Laser board

Firmware: What ever it came with

Problem/ Question:

Working on installation of LaserBoard. Have it mounted. Instructions show X-axis and y-axis both being 4 pin connectors, but it appears that the x-axis + stops are coming over ribbon cable.

There is a connector presumably for a ribbon cable but
Is labeled “Laser Ribbon” on the LaserBoard. Is this really the X-axis control?

— Eric

X-Axis and end stops for the optical versions use a ribbon. There is another version of the K40 that uses mechanical stop switches and they don’t generally use the ribbon with it. Make sure you plug it in correctly, or erratic behavior will follow and you’d need to flip it around.

Scroll down more in the instructions.


A couple links at the top of the page would help reading chalanged people like me :smile:

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