Replacing electronics on ULS laser

Hi guys, i’m kinda new here and while i was searching for the problem that i’m going to tell i came here. I am in possess of an old ULS 25E co2 laser system i believe from 1997, it is not working since some years due to electronics that are dead. While i was searching for this i came up on some similar threads that were suggesting that is possible to replace electronics with one of your boards? I don’t know anything about the topic so any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Check the tube - if it’s just a regular glass water-cooled tube we can probably make it work. If it’s a black aluminum box with SYNRAD on the side it’s likely an RF-excited tube, which will make the conversion a fair bit more difficult.

Well i don’t have access to the machine right now to check, but i am 99% sure it had a synrad laser, by the way it has been sitting in a corner for like 8 years so we have to replace the source anyways i think.

Ya, if you replace the source witha CO2 DC excited glass tube, that would definitely simplify things. Other thing to be aware of is that the laser probably uses servo motors and not stepper motors.