Replacing a cheap chinese controller

I have a chinese controller on a chinese gantry. I am thinking of replacing the controller with a cohesion controller. My issue is that when cutting 3mm acrylic - 7mm/sec 60% power (~16ma) - the edge of the cut has vertical lines on it like the edge of a coin.
Having tried just about everything I can I have come to the conclusion that the controller is the problem and it is not controlling the steppers correctly
Can you advise if installing a cohesion controller will help fix this issue?

This is because of a couple things: motor step size being too large, and the controller using pulse-width modulation to control the laser power. The laserboard will definitely help with the first, but as for the second - this is a technique that most controllers on the market will use to vary the laser’s power output, so even the laserboard will do it if you have the wrong cut settings. It will be much less pronounced, however.

When cutting thick things like that it’s better to do it with the laser head moving faster, then take multiple passes to get to full severance. If your machine has a movable Z table, it helps to move the table up slightly between passes to keep the laser focused at the depth of cut you intend.

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