I have an 80w red and black with a Ruida controller. I wish to add a rotary and have designated axis. Currently I can share the Y axis with the rotary, which requires switching back and forth and setting. Ive tried it a couple of times and the machine doesnt like what Im doing or Im missing something. I have a K40 with a laser board and I have an additional axis…A with I use for a rotary. My k40 is getting old so I have purchased a new rotary for the 80w…Question…Can I rewire the 80w to run on a C3d Laser Board…So I can have access to 3 axises. X, Y, A.

Hi Joe, the LaserBoard can support larger lasers, including a rotary and Z table.

What we’ll need to see are photos of your existing setup, the control board you have now, wiring, the LPSU and any external stepper motor drivers you might have.

Almost certainly unless the laser is exceptionally weird. The pictures Pete asked for will be critical to helping determine what you’ll need to do to convert the machine. In most cases it’s a very straightforward conversion, but all machines differ, so seeing how things are currently wired is essential.

Additionally, if you’re looking to offload the old controller when you’re done with the conversion I’d be interested in it for a different project i’m working on.

I believe I have a standard 80w setup…the only upgrades are a lightburn camera and better lens!
Hopefully these pics will help…Sorry for the delay in responding

A few people did this before LightBurn supported the Ruida controller.

This topic, and the ones linked inside it, would be a good starting point for your reading:

Whether this is a conversion that you should do is a different question and up to you.

Standard warnings about having a tinkering and problem solving mindset apply. We can guide you along your journey, we cannot hold your hand through every single baby step of the process.

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